Tree Tagging

Tag Early, Cut Later!


To ensure best selection and freshness, many customers enjoy selecting their trees early and returning closer to Christmas to cut them.  We offer this service free between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- just pick up a tag and ribbon at the Greeting Center near the house.


There are a lot of trees out there -- three fields and the woods to choose from   We encourage you to bring some blink to mark your tree for easier recognition later!



Early Bird Tagging


To help avoid some of the Christmas rush, and the unpredictable weather, we offer an Early Bird Tagging program.  As a Friendship Forest Early Bird, you'll be able to visit the farm at any time you like during the month of November to pick out a tree.


Membership *does* have its privileges!  Early Bird tagging in 2017 will be limited to Friendship Forest Early Birds only (Those who signed up during the 2016 Christmas sales).


To become a Friendship Forest Early Bird for next year, see our check-out elf (Mother Christmas) in the garage when you pay for your tree this year --  she will have an envelope for you to fill out and the following Fall, we'll send you an Early Bird Kit!


See our Early Bird Tagging handout for more info.

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