Our old trucks seem to be a popular part of the farm are are available for photography shoots   .  Since going to a Christmas tree farm is a nostalgic experience for many, we hope seeing our old trucks, and some of our other collections of Art Deco Industrial Art,  tickles your fancy and brings back some good memories.  They're not just old trucks to us -- they're members of the family!


At left -- Once a year, fellow old truck enthusiasts gather here for "Homecoming"  an annual antique GM truck weekend.


The Trucks

Our Trucks
1949 Chevy 1-Ton

"Ole Charlie" is the farm's pride and joy, as well as the flagship for our other endeavor, an electronic magazine for antique trucks -- stovebolt.com


Ole Charlie's duties include movie, television and photography shoots (he actually has an agent!), light duty hauling for the farm (chemicals, tools, provisions, etc.) and joyriding at the end of the day.


We found many of our visitors at Christmas like to have their picture taken with him, which is great. We've sent him to the fields occasionally to haul in a tree for customers.  He is a favorite of our grandchildren, too.


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1963 Dodge M-37B-1

With a couple of exceptions, we don't actually go looking for old trucks. They usually come looking for us. Such was the case with our military "Power Wagon."


We once visited an old friend in Virginia who's an aspiring Christmas tree grower and is restoring a WWII Jeep -- this M37 was in his neighbor's barn. We just went to look...


Its duties include parades and bringing in the "open / closed" saw horse from the end of our lane.

1965 GMC-Darley Water Tanker

Seriously, who doesn't like a firetruck??


We got this truck (before we went to drip irrigation) to water the trees during the drought season.  It carries 1,000 gallons of water and can apply it anywhere we need it thanks to the 1945 W.S. Darley Champion 500 GPM front-mounted pump. Our tanker was last in service at the Michigan Motor Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan. It was built originally for the Seymour, IL Volunteer Fire Department and served there until 2003.


Since the fields are now supplied with drip irrigation from the ponds, it stays busy keeping the compost windrows at 65 percent moist.


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